Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Have Been A BAD BLOGGER And FOLLOWER!! P.S I Am Not Dead

Well friends, I do not even know where to start!!
I have been a very bad blogger and follower! I am very sorry to all my blog friends that I have been so neglectful and the thing is, I do not even have a good reason (other than full Harry Potter addiction) so I apologize if this blog is incredibly long and crazy all over the place!

Well where shall I begin? There was an earthquake here today!!! And you know what? I did not even feel it. I was in my weight watchers meeting and did not feel a thing yet when I got home everyones Facebook names were about the earthquake and it was all over the news. It was a 5.5 earthquake. K says it woke him up and that the bed was shaking and that the TV was moving and the cats tails were huge and they were freaking out. Isn't that crazy? I did not even feel it!!

Speaking of weight watchers, well...I have not been doing too great. I did not go last week to my meeting so I made sure to go this week even though I was feeling discouraged and beating myself up about eating poorly this past week. But I went anyways and I lost .4 not bad, but I want more! So I intend to track everything this week and my goal is a 1.4 pound loss at my next meeting on Wednesday the 30th! I am just mad at myself because I have been going for 8 weeks and only lost like 3.6 pounds. I want a 5 pound loss sticker darn it, and next week I will get it! I VOW TO IT! SO enough beating myself up about weight loss, I am tracking this week and sticking to program and I WILL get that sticker :) I joined Spark People which I am loving, it is a great way to track your calories and get good ideas so I am enjoying it. My goal I have set on it is to be 162 by Christmas Day which is 1 pound a week from now until then which I thought is realistic. My goal weight is 150-155 but I chose Christmas for my first goal because it will be the first time seeing my family and friends in 4 months since I will be far away at school so I want to look awesome and have them be proud of me! I am really nervous however about losing weight while at school, since that is where I gained it all to begin with HELP!

Speaking of school, there have been a couple of developments. I got into residence (yay) so I am excited about this but nervous. In first year I shared with 4 other girls and we had 2 bathrooms and a kitchen so it was fine, but now I am sharing bathrooms and a kitchen with a whole floor of people, I have never lived in a conventional residence before so I am nervous about this. I am also nervous about K and I living 4 hours apart. We have lived together since about a month into our relationship (crazy eh?) and have been apart for a total of about 10 days our whole relationship so I am really nervous and scared that we might not stay together, that would make me so so sad so I hope it does not happen. Never done the long distance thing before. In other school news we had to pick our schedules and I am scared school looks hard and I have been gone for over a year so I hope I do fine and I am also nervous about teaching, AHHH I AM JUST NERVOUS TO GO PERIOD! I have never been more than 2 hours away from my family and friends and K. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok enough yelling about school. One more thing about school...I still do not know what the heck is going on with my loan. I mean I am pretty sure I will get it but I got this letter saying I could not get it for a year and all this CRAP. So I called the office and apparently I got a warning because when I went back for my second degree I got a loan but I decided not to continue with school, however I paid back the entire loan right away. But anyways I hope I get it or else I cannot go to school which would NOT be good. So keep your fingers crossed for me and my loan!

So I am in full Harry Potter obsession mode!!!!!!!! (If you have not read the books and are in the middle of them do not read on as I am saying things about people who die) I am on the 6th book and have about 200 pages left! I was soooooooooooooo sad in the 5th book when Sirius died OMG I was not happy at all he was my favourite. I am sure other people die (DON'T TELL ME) but Sirius made me sad. I want Ron and Hermione to date they clearly love each other, and Harry loves Ginny aww so cute. All I have been doing is reading non stop it is an addiction. I want to know what happens yet I do not know what I will do when the books are done and there aren't anymore to read! I think I might cry! I cannot wait to go to the Harry Potter park in Disney WOOT.

In other news I have started working at another grocery store. It is a lot smaller and the people are nicer. I still do NOT want to work in the grocery bizz anymore but whatever it is for 8 weeks, I can do it. I feel bad only working there for 8 weeks but you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the rent right?

Well this post is getting LONG, I am sure there are things I have not discussed but I promise I will not wait another month to post! Hope you guys are still out there!!



  1. hi babe!! i'm really happy that you posted a new blog and i'm sure your followers will be happy too. please dont worry about school so much. i know that you are going to do great, meet a whole bunch of people, and just have a excellent time in general. i know it will be hard for us to be apart but i promise everything will be fine between us. i love you more than anything and i will come visit you all the time. love K

  2. HAHA I watch every single Houswives.. It's sick but I love them all. so crazy and fun to watch..

  3. Lauren, Hi, missed you. Glad to see you back here. Allot going on for you it seems. Sounds like you've got a renewed commitment ready to go for hitting a goal by the holidays; excellent! That 5 pound loss sticker, it is yours to be had. Look forward to your post showing it off to us.

    Harry Potter, you sound allot like my daughter; addicted to HP. She is looking so forward to September when her Mother takes her to Orlando for the new HP park.

    My wife watches allof the housewives shows, she loves reality shows. I try and staty away but if she is watching I do see some of it too. They are all crazy and fake as I see it, but I think that is how the producers want them to come off to the audience.

    I see that 'K' posted here, so, it would seem you ought not let concerns for the distance bother you while at school. Gotta like that, good luck with your classes; what classes are you taking now?

  4. Good luck getting that 5 lb sticker!!! It will happen soon! Funny you mention living with K since about a month into your relationship... my husband and I moved in together after only a month and a half and now 8 years later we are married, own a house, and have a wonderful 11 month old son. Good luck and I hope your relationship can withstand the time apart.

  5. Love your blog! Can't wait to read more!! :)
    Check mine out, if you get a chance -