Thursday, May 27, 2010

70 Followers, Biggest Loser and Harry Potter

Hello all
I know my title is a bit jumbled but hey these are the things I want to talk about along with a few other things so why not just throw it all in there!? I hope everyone is having a good week so far, mine has not been too bad I weighed in at Weight Watchers on Tuesday morning and was down .8 which I was happy about but I am ready for bigger numbers and I know I can get them. I have been going for a month and have only lost 3.8 so I want to rev up the weight loss. This week I want a 2 pound loss, I know this is a lot to ask for but I think I can do it. If I lose anything at all I will be out of the 190s yay, my at home scale says I have been out of the 190s for a couple weeks but at WW I am fully clothed so I weigh more so I am excited to be fully clothed and in the 180s woot.

This week i challenged myself to go to the gym 4 times in one week so between Tuesday the 25th and Tuesday the 1st of June (JUNE can you believe it??). So I am proud to say I have gone once so far and am going today with K so that will make 2, so who knows people I may even go FIVE times instead of four. That would be awesome. I really believe I can lose weight and go to the gym consistently which I never have before. I was having a hard time going to the gym here in this city because it was right downtown and soooo busy, and I am sure there are a couple of you who know what I mean by being scared or intimidated to go to such a busy gym. So there is another branch of the Y in the city but in a more rural area so I thought why not try it? I will never go back to the downtown one. I was 1 of about 5 people in the whole place. I am sure it is not always that dead but if I keep going during the day I bet it will be. YAY. I felt so comfortable there and was not scared or intimidated and all the machines I wanted were available and I even had my own lane at the pool so I did not have to worry about being in the same lane as a really fast swimmer. So I think I will continue to go to this gym and maybe even get the gym fever lol, here's hoping.

I cannot believe I have 70 followers!! I was so excited when I saw this I could not believe it, so just a shout out to my followers, you guys are awesome and I really appreciate everything you guys have said and all the advice and motivation you have given me!! SO THANKS :)

So onto the Biggest Loser finale, wow every finale just seems to get better I mean how do these people do it? They look fabulous. Melissa of the red team looked awesome and I was so scared she was going to win the 100 000 thank goodness she didn't. When she said "it is not about the money for us" I shouted YOU LIAR at the TV lol that is probably the only reason she did so well. She even pissed me off when she was on the scale. UGH to her. UGH. Anyways I was really happy with the final 3, I am not a Koli fan he just seemed to care too much about winning and did not seem happy at all the whole night. They all looked really great and I am happy for all of them. Ashley and Michael looked AMAZING! I am so happy for both of them and the thing I liked is that a lot of times the finalists just look too ripped and they look a little unnatural (Helen) and a lot of them gain some weight back so I thought Ashley and Michael just looked really healthy and great. Daris looked good too but I was kind of disappointed a bit by something with his story. He had never had a girlfriend or never been kissed before and now all of a sudden that he is skinny he has a girlfriend. That just saddens me, I mean I am sure that a lot of it is because now he has confidence and such but I am sure that he got rejected a lot purely due to the fact that he was overweight and now that he is not he has a girlfriend. I don't know that kind of hurt me a bit makes me sad for people who have great personalities and are great people but get overlooked. In the end I was happy for Michael and hope that him and Ashley get married ha ha wouldn't they make a great couple?

Onto student loans, I found out that my old university had dropped the ball and not documented that I had re-payed an overpayment back in 2009, so I made some calls and got that taken care of so now the OSAP website says "application being processed and OSAP is contacting outside parties to make sure everything on your application is valid check back in 2 or 3 days" lets all pray that it works out so I can go to school.

OK so now onto my addiction, HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! I tried for years to avoid reading these books, I just did not think I would be into them. My mom bought me the first one years and years ago when it came out, I read about 10 pages and decided I wasn't into it. Then I started a new venture trying to read the 100 best books of all time and on there of course were the 7 Potter books. So I thought fine I will get them over with. I started the first one about 2 months ago and have been hooked every since. They are just soooooooooooooo good! I just started the 4th one a couple days ago and just want to know everything NOW! I cannot wait to go to Disney this summer and see the Harry Potter park in Universal Studios YAY. So do any of my blog followers read Harry Potter? What was your favourite book out of the 7? Who are your favourite characters? BUT DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING AWAY I AM ONLY ON THE BEGINNING OF BOOK 4 SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!

Have a good Thursday all!

Monday, May 24, 2010

ABCs of me, and some money stress!

The ABC's of Lauren
I saw this on a blog awhile ago and though it was a cute way to get to know some fellow bloggers. So if you want to copy and paste it with your own answers go for it:)

A) Are you a PC or a Mac? PC although I would like a MAC someday when I am not so poor, but I enjoy my pink laptop.

B) Best show currently on TV: LOVE 24 but it just ended tonight :( So I will go with Biggest Loser, love that show even though it makes me cry every time.

C) Chore you dislike: I hate cleaning the cat litter, thank goodness K does it every day what a good boy! I also hate vacuuming!! Good thing I do the things K does not like and he does the things I do not like.

D) Dogs or Cats? Well I have 2 cats, Frank and Estelle (named after Frank and Estelle Costanza from Seinfeld), but I am hoping to add a dog (George) to the mix, gotta complete the family!

E) Essential "Start the day" items: Hmm, I am not a coffee drinker so I will say either some peanut butter toast or Nesquick with skim milk MMM

F) Favorite Color: for clothes, black for accessories pink (I have a pink cell, ipod, camera and laptop!)

G) Gold or Silver: Silver

H) Height: 5'8

I) Instrument you play: Played clarinet and trumpet for many years

J) Job: 11 years in the grocery store cashier business lol, but going to teachers college in September to change that.

K) Kids? none yet, but I want one, if we had the money we would for sure

L) Living where? Ontario Canada

M) Mom's name: Susette, many people spell it with a Z and she gets mad lol

N) Nickname: Bogie to my whole family, BHBBB to my sister ( you do not want to know what it stands for) L-DUB to friends

O) Overnight hospital stay: stung by a bee and did not know I am deathly allergic, in the hospital for a week!

P: Pet Peeve: Gum chewing with mouth open, people not holding doors

Q) Quote from a movie: "I am a God"
"And now, you are a coat rack" - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"Are you crying? Are you crying? Roger Hornsby was my manager, and he called me a talking pile of pink shit, and thats when my parents drove all the way from Michigan to see me play the game and did I cry? NO, NO and you want to know why? Because there is no crying in baseball!! No crying in baseball" - A League of their own

"Baseball is hard, if it wasn't hard everyone would do it, it's the hard that makes it great" - A League of their own (FAVE movie of all time)

R) Righty or Lefty? righty

S) Siblings: older sister we were mortal enemies growing up but now we are BFFS

T) TV shows you watch: biggest loser, anything reality, 24, bulging brides, the hills, survivor (ok so these are all reality shows, you get the point)

U) Underwear: oh definitely just started not wearing them to bed lol too much information? my mom was so mad when she found out I wore them to bed I had to promise I wouldn't anymore haha

V) Veggies you like: green beans, corn, green peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, potatoes

W) Ways you flirt: haha I do not flirt with anyone

X) Expiration Dates - do you keep or toss? hmm depends what it is, if it still looks and tastes ok I will keep it for a couple days past the date

Y)Yummy foods you make: home made pasta sauce, meatloaf, cajun chicken, home made chicken fingers

Z) Zoo animal you like: I HATE ZOOS!!! they are mean! in my opinion

Well wasn't that fun? Now you all know a little bit more about me, nothing substantial though ha well maybe I will write some deep post about me someday but for now that will do!

So what is new with me? Well not too much. I did not eat well this week at all, stress seems to be such a bad trigger for me. As you all know I applied for teachers college and got in, which was probably the most exciting thing ever as it is so hard to get in here. So I applied for a student loan (it is called OSAP) here. It gave me my estimate which was perfect and I thought all was well. So then a couple days later I went online to see my status and saw this "You are currently restricted from getting OSAP, call the office to see what you can do about this"........this is when I had a complete panic or anxiety or stress or some sort of attack. If I do not get OSAP, I do not go to school bottom line. School is going to cost about 14000 and I only have about 6000 so no that is not going to get me there. I do not know why I would be restricted, there was a list of reasons and I do not feel like I fit any of them. I have no defaulted on my previous loans or anything so I am really hoping it is just that I was supposed to call them to tell them I am returning to school after being off for a year. Ofcourse this happens on a Friday night so I could not call right away and have to wait until Tuesday because it is a holiday here! UGH, so first thing in the morning I will call. I am so scared because if they tell me I truly cannot get it, I cannot go to school. I do not know what I will do then. I would have a complete breakdown! I WANT to teach, it is what I have wanted to do since I was a kid. I hope it all works out.

ANYWAYS other than that, nothing much new here. Seems to be one crap thing after the other this year, ever since K and I moved to this new city things have not gone well, but I am looking forward to going to school (hopefully) and then moving back to my hometown, I think it is where I belong. So it is just a bad period I guess! I have planned out everything I am going to eat this week which I have never done, so we will see if it works out, I stuck to todays so 1 down and 6 to go! I need to get more creative with my cooking and realize that just because K is not home does not mean I cannot make a nice dinner. I also plan on going to the gym 4 times this week, this is huge people. I have not gone well since ... I do not know I think maybe 2009? I usually do at home workouts but I want to go to the gym so 4 times will be huge, lets see if I can do it! I plan to do 30 mins cardio (15 treadmill, 15 elliptical) and then 30 mins in the pool! So I will keep you all updated if I actually pull this off, this would be the first time in my whole life to go 4 times in one week so it may not sound like much to you guys but it is huge to me! Tomorrow I weigh in at WW I am not expecting a loss. But next week, oh there will be one!!

Happy Tuesday tomorrow all and make sure to watch the Biggest Loser finale!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling Inadequate and needing gym help

Hello all
I know it has been about a week since I have posted, I think I have been avoiding it. I still read everyone else's blogs and they are so good and so motivational and give good tips and have great ideas. I just feel like I am not even close to these people like I am not organized in my weight loss journey I do not think I could plan meals or exercise, I am too hard on myself I think, and do not really know why people would want to read my blog!! But I am going to keep going with it and I hope the people who do read it actually like it!

For my birthday I went to my hometown and went for thai with K and my 2 former university roomates and their boyfriends and a lady that I used to work with. It was a small dinner but very nice and tasty ofcourse. On my actual birthday I had lunch with my oldest friend (we have been friends since we were 3) we do not see each other much but when we do it is just like old times. So that was very nice and then my mom made a nice big Italian dinner (mmm) it was so good. I did really well with my eating over my birthday weekend however I did eat 3 pieces of pizza bread at dinner, I am telling you this stuff is AMAZING and I only eat it about once every 2 years so I had 3 pieces and it was delish. I got some very thoughtful presents as well. My mom is so happy that I am into cross stitching now as my sister is not very crafty and my mom lives for crafts. She gave me a lot of supplies that I needed and also a cross stitch that she made a long time ago with a cork board attached for little notes and such and she wrote a messege on the back about how happy she was to have another stitcher in the family, so that meant a lot to me. My mom also gave me a ring that my dad had given her over 25 years ago so that was very nice. I also got a pink i pod so I made sure I put my music on it so that I can have a good work out mix...

Bringing me to work outs, seriously I have no worked out in forever. I do not know why, I just cannot get the motivation to go to the gym, but I NEED TO. Any words of advice about the gym would be greatly appreciated. The thing is I just do not know what to do when I am there. My goals are to lose weight in my tummy and thighs. So I guess I should be doing cardio? But how much? What machines are best? Any work out classes recommended? Swimming? I am trying to work up the courage and motivation to go to the gym but I want to know what to do once I get there. So thanks in advance for any help! My eating has been just ok. I am still stuck at 189 and I know why. I need to eat more fruit and veggies but I have been doing better than I used to but I can definitely improve. Another thing I need help with is I am alone for dinner almost every night, as K works 4-12 or 7pm-3am so I am always alone for dinner, and I just cannot get the motivation to cook for 1 or always feel like I make too much. Anyone else out there have a spouse who works shift work and has to eat alone?

Biggest Loser this week was good, I am loving the final 4. I really hope Daris gets put through to the finals. I like Koli but I think he will gain all his weight back it does not seem like he is learning life lessons but just wanting to win and will have a hard time dealing with real life when he gets home. I could really relate to Daris eating at night and he felt so bad, I think we can all see a bit of us in him so I hope he makes it through, and I LOVE Michael and Ashley so I will be happy with whoever wins this year! Who are y'alls faves? Yes I am not from the south (I am a good ole Canadian) but I love the saying "y'all" just makes me happy and I do not know why!!

I think that is all for me today, just trying to make myself go for it you know? I know what is holding me back... ME! I want to just push myself out of the way and go for it but there is a voice in my head that says I can never be like those people on Biggest Loser or I can never be like the bloggers I read everyday who are succeeding. Such an evil voice...

PS My weight watchers loss this week was 1.6 not bad, but could do better!

Friday, May 14, 2010

25th Birthday and Friday Fives

Hello all
Well I think I am out of the 190s for good, I hope so anyways. The past couple days I have been 189 and today I was 187.8 so that is pretty exciting, and I hope to stay out forever now!! I am sure when I weigh in at Weight Watchers I will be more because I am always more fully dressed when I weigh in there but I do feel a little bit lighter. 7 pounds does not sound like much but I can feel it a little bit.

Nothing much new with me really. I still HATE my job, but whatever I have 78 days left until I am done there and then I get to go to Disney and then move to school. I hope I get into residence for school or else I will have some last minute scrambling to do to find housing so I will find out in June if I got residence. Keep your fingers crossed.

I got my hair done yesterday and I am not a fan. I am always blonde but at Christmas I went brown so I was ready to be blonde again but it did not turn out as light as I wanted. It is brown with blonde streaks and I just do not like the streaky look, I wanted more of a lighter all over look. SO I will let it grow out for a month or so and then go home to my usual hair dresser and get it done the way I want. She also cut it weird, I hate going to new people and I will not go to her again. I just want nice long hair and she just cut it really boxy or something, I do not know I just do not like it.

Tonight is my birthday dinner. K and I are going to my hometown and having dinner at a thai restaurant. There will be about 15 people all together at dinner tonight so I think it will be fun. I usually go out to a bar for my birthday but I do not drink anymore and haven't in about a year so just dinner is good for me! Then tomorrow is my 25th birthday. I cannot believe I will be 25, I mean ofcourse it is not old but this birthday is definitely hitting me a bit. I just thought I would be in a completely different position in life at 25 but oh well. Maybe next year!!

So the Friday Fives over at is your favourite photos. Now I do not have any old photos on my computer so I will be putting my favourite ones that I have on my computer, and maybe one day I will scan some older ones on and post about them! So here they are! There are more than 5 so forgive me lol

Love my cats, I found them snuggling like this in my closet!

We took so many silly photos in Mexico and I love this one, K looks scared of me lol

Good ole Mexico beach picture


Me and one of my best friends being silly in Vancouver

First year university, love it and loved my roomates they became some of my best friends.

My 2 first year roomies and I we had lots of great times and are still great friends

My kitty Frank and Neko the husky, soooo cute.

I love this picture, Frank and his flower toy haha I think this is hilarious.

My very first cross stitch, so proud of this!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The 190s Are a Curse

K I was at 187.8 then this morning 191? WHAT? I have not even eaten anything bad. UGGH am I destined to be in the 190s FOREVER?
off to the job I go (UGH)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dear Scale: Are you a DIRTY LIAR?

Hey peeps
So I still hate hate hate my job. So annoying, I have never ever hated something so much like I stand there and just want to cry. I smile at people and try and talk to them and they just walk on by, no smile back, no hello back NOTHING. I just stand there and watch co workers talk and laugh with each other and it sucks. I mean I am there for 2 and a half months should I care? Probably not I probably should not care at all, but for some reason I do. I think it is because I come from a store where everyone was very welcoming and nice and we all were friends and it was nice. This place is just so cold. I mean do I look for a job for 2 and a half months? Or do I just stick out the next 84 days (YES I COUNTED THEM). I know it is not a lot yet it sounds like an eternity. I just hate being miserable all day until I go to work and then miserable at work, ugh. I try and make the best of it but I just cannot. Can I make it 84 days????????

As for weight loss, I think my scale is a big lying jerk, but it is brand spankin new. It said last night that I weighed 188.8 (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?) I did not believe it even though the scale is not even 1 day old, how can this be? Is the cold turkey really working??? AHHH I do not know. So this morning it said 187.8, I cannot believe this. WOOT. I mean the 180s? That means since Monday I have lost 4 pounds I still somehow do not believe it. But I guess just cutting out everything bad really helped. Somehow I still do not believe it and I will step on the scale and it will say 193, because I have been in that rut for so long, I have not seen 188 since I was 23 probably and I am almost 25. AHH this is awesome, but I am skeptical is it really true??

Ugh I am off to work for a long day of hating life... :(

Good day all and happy mothers day tomorrow to all moms, wish I could see my mom!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey guys
I do not live in Nashville, not even close but you know what? They have suffered horrible floods and NEED HELP. This has not been nearly as publicized as it needs to be and I am shocked at the lack of news coverage, so I beg you if you live near there do what you can to help. Or even just post on your blog the crisis that is going on there so that maybe someone might see it and help them out. If I lived closer or even had the money to fly there I would be there in a heartbeat but I cannot so I ask those of you who can to help them out! A fellow blogger is from there and has posted about the crisis, here is her link check it out!

here is a video to show what exactly is happening there!

Need a New Scale, Officially

Good day all,

It has been awhile since I have blogged. I had to finish the cross stitch for K's mom which I gave her last night for her birthday. It took me 6 months and I worked so hard on it and it turned out great seeing as though it was only my second one ever. Her reaction was not quite what I expected but I am sure she liked it, I hope she did anyways!! So we went for dinner at a pub so clearly nothing healthy on the menu so I got one piece of fish and about 10 french fries, the portions were so skimpy but I was glad about it too because then I did not eat more!

I also went home to my home town for 3 days and it was great. I miss it sooo much there. It took me moving hours away to a big city to realize how much I miss it there and want to live there more than anything. Only 4 more months here, and then 8 months at school and then I plan to move back to my home town or at least the surrounding area. I just miss being there in the small town and having everyone know each other and being close to my family and such so I had a mini break down while I was there. Just sad and missing it there a lot, and I just hate my job here and ugh I do not know swimming in debt and just breaking down about all of the above. But anyways, I guess I will be back there in exactly 1 year, hope it goes fast. I just hope to have a great experience while at school, it is weird going back to living in residence and being a student I mean I have not lived in residence or started a new school since 2004 so this will be interesting. Just hope I do not miss my family and K too much as I will ONLY be home at Christmas and that is it :(

In relation to my weight loss I need a new scale. I decided to go cold turkey on chips and candy and such bad things because I know if I have them in my house I will not eat them in moderation so I decided cold turkey for now would be the best idea. On Monday before my weight watchers meeting I weighed myself and it said that I had gained 3 pounds since my last weigh in, I was so upset I did not want to weigh in, I was going to skip my meeting but I sucked it up and went. They told me I was 193 therefore I LOST .8 I mean it is not a huge loss but I will take it considering I thought I gained 3 pounds and I know what I can improve on for this week. So when I was at home I weighed myself and was 190.8 (awesome) then today my scale has given me about 10 different weights, I am going on my way home from work tonight to Wal Mart to buy a new one, I cannot handle this one anymore it discourages me too much by lying to me and I hate not knowing where I stand! So a new one it is!

So did I tell you guys how much I HATE MY JOB?? ugh, I do not even know where to start seriously, it is horrible. I have always worked at grocery stores this is my 11th year doing it, so first of all I am just ready to not be doing it anymore. But I really really hate this one, it is insanely busy. I mean I am used to working in a busy place but this is ridiculous I mean 10 people in my line at all times. And they make us bag the groceries and put them in their cart and basically do everything (for minimum wage) ofcourse. I am sweating my ass off at work which is gross and great treated HORRIBLY by the customers and also co workers. No one talks to each other I am used to talking to my customers and knowing them and now no one talks to me it is horrible. I hate being treated like crap for minimum wage, UGGGGH. I just hate it. I am debating applying to one of the other grocery stores here which is a lot easier and people talk to each other. I mean even the woman who trained me told me it is the "coldest" store she has ever been at and I am not down with that. I just do not know what to do, do I stick it out for 3 months? Or do I apply to the other store. Ugh I hate being miserable and hating having to go there all the time. What do you think I should do?

PS Biggest Loser makeover week, LOVE IT!