Thursday, May 27, 2010

70 Followers, Biggest Loser and Harry Potter

Hello all
I know my title is a bit jumbled but hey these are the things I want to talk about along with a few other things so why not just throw it all in there!? I hope everyone is having a good week so far, mine has not been too bad I weighed in at Weight Watchers on Tuesday morning and was down .8 which I was happy about but I am ready for bigger numbers and I know I can get them. I have been going for a month and have only lost 3.8 so I want to rev up the weight loss. This week I want a 2 pound loss, I know this is a lot to ask for but I think I can do it. If I lose anything at all I will be out of the 190s yay, my at home scale says I have been out of the 190s for a couple weeks but at WW I am fully clothed so I weigh more so I am excited to be fully clothed and in the 180s woot.

This week i challenged myself to go to the gym 4 times in one week so between Tuesday the 25th and Tuesday the 1st of June (JUNE can you believe it??). So I am proud to say I have gone once so far and am going today with K so that will make 2, so who knows people I may even go FIVE times instead of four. That would be awesome. I really believe I can lose weight and go to the gym consistently which I never have before. I was having a hard time going to the gym here in this city because it was right downtown and soooo busy, and I am sure there are a couple of you who know what I mean by being scared or intimidated to go to such a busy gym. So there is another branch of the Y in the city but in a more rural area so I thought why not try it? I will never go back to the downtown one. I was 1 of about 5 people in the whole place. I am sure it is not always that dead but if I keep going during the day I bet it will be. YAY. I felt so comfortable there and was not scared or intimidated and all the machines I wanted were available and I even had my own lane at the pool so I did not have to worry about being in the same lane as a really fast swimmer. So I think I will continue to go to this gym and maybe even get the gym fever lol, here's hoping.

I cannot believe I have 70 followers!! I was so excited when I saw this I could not believe it, so just a shout out to my followers, you guys are awesome and I really appreciate everything you guys have said and all the advice and motivation you have given me!! SO THANKS :)

So onto the Biggest Loser finale, wow every finale just seems to get better I mean how do these people do it? They look fabulous. Melissa of the red team looked awesome and I was so scared she was going to win the 100 000 thank goodness she didn't. When she said "it is not about the money for us" I shouted YOU LIAR at the TV lol that is probably the only reason she did so well. She even pissed me off when she was on the scale. UGH to her. UGH. Anyways I was really happy with the final 3, I am not a Koli fan he just seemed to care too much about winning and did not seem happy at all the whole night. They all looked really great and I am happy for all of them. Ashley and Michael looked AMAZING! I am so happy for both of them and the thing I liked is that a lot of times the finalists just look too ripped and they look a little unnatural (Helen) and a lot of them gain some weight back so I thought Ashley and Michael just looked really healthy and great. Daris looked good too but I was kind of disappointed a bit by something with his story. He had never had a girlfriend or never been kissed before and now all of a sudden that he is skinny he has a girlfriend. That just saddens me, I mean I am sure that a lot of it is because now he has confidence and such but I am sure that he got rejected a lot purely due to the fact that he was overweight and now that he is not he has a girlfriend. I don't know that kind of hurt me a bit makes me sad for people who have great personalities and are great people but get overlooked. In the end I was happy for Michael and hope that him and Ashley get married ha ha wouldn't they make a great couple?

Onto student loans, I found out that my old university had dropped the ball and not documented that I had re-payed an overpayment back in 2009, so I made some calls and got that taken care of so now the OSAP website says "application being processed and OSAP is contacting outside parties to make sure everything on your application is valid check back in 2 or 3 days" lets all pray that it works out so I can go to school.

OK so now onto my addiction, HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! I tried for years to avoid reading these books, I just did not think I would be into them. My mom bought me the first one years and years ago when it came out, I read about 10 pages and decided I wasn't into it. Then I started a new venture trying to read the 100 best books of all time and on there of course were the 7 Potter books. So I thought fine I will get them over with. I started the first one about 2 months ago and have been hooked every since. They are just soooooooooooooo good! I just started the 4th one a couple days ago and just want to know everything NOW! I cannot wait to go to Disney this summer and see the Harry Potter park in Universal Studios YAY. So do any of my blog followers read Harry Potter? What was your favourite book out of the 7? Who are your favourite characters? BUT DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING AWAY I AM ONLY ON THE BEGINNING OF BOOK 4 SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!

Have a good Thursday all!


  1. I love Harry Potter. Seriously I have them all on audio book. My favorite book? For sure the Third one. But they all are so amazingly good! My favorite character is Sirius. Or Snape, but that might just be because I love Alan Rickman...Anyway... A lot happens in the fourth book! Hope you love it!

  2. The finale was awesome, although did you notice that Koli seemed really mad or upset the entire episode?? I couldn't figure out what was up with him. AND YES, I REALLY WANT MICHAEL AND ASHLEY TO BECOME A COUPLE, I was wondering if it was just me that saw that!!!!

    Congrats on all the success, you'll be in the 180s in no time!!!

  3. I have the same feeling that I won't be into Harry Potter so I haven't read the books or watched the movies. Perhaps I am wrong.

  4. Kimmi: Yes they are sooo good, oh I bet they would be awesome on audio. The third has been my favourite so far too I love Sirius. Oh how can you like Snape? ha ha I cannot stand him, I love Ron he is my ultimate fave. Yay I am so excited to find out what happens next.

    Whitney: No you are not the only one ha ha I love them and want them to be a couple so badly, and yes I was soo put off my Koli I was glad he did not win but kind of mad he won the 100 000 since he attitude was so crappy.

    Frugalista: yes just try them you never know, the first one takes a little to get into but I love them now and am addicted, the way she writes is just so great!

  5. Oh Yeah - go FIVE times instead of four... that's the way to do it. you have a goal or four, cool; and a stretch goal of five, nice! That is excellent news on your OSAP, keeping finger's crossed for you. Harry potter huh. My daughter is a Harry potter addict. Read each book as soon as she got them. Only think I know about Book 4 is Harry doesn't die :-) My wife & her are going to Universal in September just to check out the new HP attraction. They'll hit Disney too, that is my wife's addiction. Me, I am not going anywhere. If I went they'd wear me out. So I will stay home and take care of boys and their sports activities. Go gett'em Lauren, you've seem driven with purpose here, you'll see that scale move down soon.

  6. I love it when people meet Happy Potter and fall in love with it over and over again :)

    My favorite book was 6th! Probably because we learn a lot about Voldemort in this book. And there is more love going around ♥

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! Loss is a loss! You def. will get gym fever somewhere you are comfortable, I HATE HATE HATE busy gyms. I totally did the same thing about the BL Red girl. Hate her!! I was hoping darius and ashley would hook up, i think Michael may be gay?? Maybe I'm misreading that...I mean it has nothing to do with his glittered belt buckle and chest hair.... :)

  8. hi congrats on the wl. love biggest loser i'm currntly watching the australias biggest loser but they show them in the wrong order as i know the final 3 from this season as they come back on the next series to motivate and theyve shown us that season already!!

    ;ove HP BOOKS i was really against reading them dur to the hype but as soon as i had 1 i had to have all the rest!!!

    check out my blog there is something for you there xxx

  9. LOVED the BL finale too.
    But I have some news for you:
    Ashley and Michael will never get married because he's gay.
    Yep. I have crazy gaydar and I spotted that one early on.

    Can't wait till next season!