Monday, May 10, 2010

The 190s Are a Curse

K I was at 187.8 then this morning 191? WHAT? I have not even eaten anything bad. UGGH am I destined to be in the 190s FOREVER?
off to the job I go (UGH)


  1. Lauren, how was your exercise this weekend? I've noticed in myself that while I may eat fine for a few days but I don't get in any exercise that weight gain can occur. My belief is that I'm burning less calories than I think I am so even though I am eating fine I am eating to many calories for my current lack of activity.

    Now if you exercised like a bandit running from a bank as of late, then my thought there does not apply. In which case all I can offer is a simple, keep making good decisions for both eating and exercise each day; one day at a time. That number will go back below 190, then below 180, then...

  2. Um... I was 187 last week and 193 this morning. The 180's are a challenge to say the least!

  3. ugh they sure are eh?? like all I want is to be in the 180s then i somehow creep back into the 190s UGH.
    Yes Patrick you are totally right, I just did 5 work shifts in a row and did not exercise because my feet hurt SOOO bad after work (standing all day) that I just cannot even fathom working out, so I need new shoes I think!

  4. The worst is when your gain puts you into the range you just got out of. Last week I finally got to put the 50 pound marker on the lower weight, then finals hit and I'm 1 shoe away from having to use that thing again. We just have to stay focus and look on the bright side, we get to achieve that awesome goal TWICE! *insert kitten poster with "Hang in there caption*

  5. Hey Lauren, just popping in to say HI... how has your week been?