Friday, May 14, 2010

25th Birthday and Friday Fives

Hello all
Well I think I am out of the 190s for good, I hope so anyways. The past couple days I have been 189 and today I was 187.8 so that is pretty exciting, and I hope to stay out forever now!! I am sure when I weigh in at Weight Watchers I will be more because I am always more fully dressed when I weigh in there but I do feel a little bit lighter. 7 pounds does not sound like much but I can feel it a little bit.

Nothing much new with me really. I still HATE my job, but whatever I have 78 days left until I am done there and then I get to go to Disney and then move to school. I hope I get into residence for school or else I will have some last minute scrambling to do to find housing so I will find out in June if I got residence. Keep your fingers crossed.

I got my hair done yesterday and I am not a fan. I am always blonde but at Christmas I went brown so I was ready to be blonde again but it did not turn out as light as I wanted. It is brown with blonde streaks and I just do not like the streaky look, I wanted more of a lighter all over look. SO I will let it grow out for a month or so and then go home to my usual hair dresser and get it done the way I want. She also cut it weird, I hate going to new people and I will not go to her again. I just want nice long hair and she just cut it really boxy or something, I do not know I just do not like it.

Tonight is my birthday dinner. K and I are going to my hometown and having dinner at a thai restaurant. There will be about 15 people all together at dinner tonight so I think it will be fun. I usually go out to a bar for my birthday but I do not drink anymore and haven't in about a year so just dinner is good for me! Then tomorrow is my 25th birthday. I cannot believe I will be 25, I mean ofcourse it is not old but this birthday is definitely hitting me a bit. I just thought I would be in a completely different position in life at 25 but oh well. Maybe next year!!

So the Friday Fives over at is your favourite photos. Now I do not have any old photos on my computer so I will be putting my favourite ones that I have on my computer, and maybe one day I will scan some older ones on and post about them! So here they are! There are more than 5 so forgive me lol

Love my cats, I found them snuggling like this in my closet!

We took so many silly photos in Mexico and I love this one, K looks scared of me lol

Good ole Mexico beach picture


Me and one of my best friends being silly in Vancouver

First year university, love it and loved my roomates they became some of my best friends.

My 2 first year roomies and I we had lots of great times and are still great friends

My kitty Frank and Neko the husky, soooo cute.

I love this picture, Frank and his flower toy haha I think this is hilarious.

My very first cross stitch, so proud of this!


  1. Whoohoo on being out of the 190's for good - way to go! Disney huh, my wife is addicted to that place. She will be back there in the fall but I won't be with her. She is taking my daughter to Universal to see the new Harry Potter park, daughter is an addict of Harry Potter; they will of course make their way to Disney too. Where you going to go to school; near home or moving far away to go to school? Happy Birthday, enjoy your bday celebration.

  2. Your dog and cat are seriously SO FREAKING CUTE! :) I hate finding someone new to do my hair you never know what your going to end up with!

  3. Very happy birthday to you! Your pics are great and you are a true beauty. The 190s are gone and gone for good.

    I loves me some Thai food...yum.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Did you get my texts? You are so gorgeous in all of these pictures!

  5. So sorry to hear about the job dissatisfaction; it's hard to work in an environment you're not happy with.
    I love the photos of your silly faces and cats! too cute!