Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dear Scale: Are you a DIRTY LIAR?

Hey peeps
So I still hate hate hate my job. So annoying, I have never ever hated something so much like I stand there and just want to cry. I smile at people and try and talk to them and they just walk on by, no smile back, no hello back NOTHING. I just stand there and watch co workers talk and laugh with each other and it sucks. I mean I am there for 2 and a half months should I care? Probably not I probably should not care at all, but for some reason I do. I think it is because I come from a store where everyone was very welcoming and nice and we all were friends and it was nice. This place is just so cold. I mean do I look for a job for 2 and a half months? Or do I just stick out the next 84 days (YES I COUNTED THEM). I know it is not a lot yet it sounds like an eternity. I just hate being miserable all day until I go to work and then miserable at work, ugh. I try and make the best of it but I just cannot. Can I make it 84 days????????

As for weight loss, I think my scale is a big lying jerk, but it is brand spankin new. It said last night that I weighed 188.8 (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?) I did not believe it even though the scale is not even 1 day old, how can this be? Is the cold turkey really working??? AHHH I do not know. So this morning it said 187.8, I cannot believe this. WOOT. I mean the 180s? That means since Monday I have lost 4 pounds I still somehow do not believe it. But I guess just cutting out everything bad really helped. Somehow I still do not believe it and I will step on the scale and it will say 193, because I have been in that rut for so long, I have not seen 188 since I was 23 probably and I am almost 25. AHH this is awesome, but I am skeptical is it really true??

Ugh I am off to work for a long day of hating life... :(

Good day all and happy mothers day tomorrow to all moms, wish I could see my mom!


  1. New scale or not, you have made progress, way to go Lauren! Hope you get through the day at work without much pain; have a good weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear aobut your crappy job atmosphere. I dont like my job when some of the teachers are fighting with each other and they expect you to pick a side.

  3. Hating your job seems to burn a lot of calories? Congrats on your 4 lbs!!!!!!! (I'm kinda jealous and wanna kick your "little" butt :p)

  4. ha ha believe me my butt is still very very big