Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost In the 180's!! YAY

Alright friends (all 4 of you!) today was a pretty good day. I will start with the positives. I ate well today and reached my goal of drinking a lot of water. I had about 4 glasses of water today and a Diet Coke *mmm*, so I am pretty proud of that. This whole eating more often thing and drinking more water definitely helps to not be starving and therefore eat lots of bad food at once. This morning on the scale I was 191 which is 2 pounds lost since Thursday and today is Saturday so not too shabby at all considering I have only changed my eating habits and have not worked out. The negatives of today I would have to say are that I am still not eating enough and I did not have any fruit today I did however have vegetables so that is a good thing. Well I had a strawberry yogurt so there is some fruit just not quite enough.
Another thing I was proud of today was that I went out for dinner with my boyfriend which I was nervous about because dining out can always be hard when you are trying to lose weight. However I had a diet coke and water to drink, I ordered whole wheat pasta with Arrabiata sauce (the waitress brought white pasta by accident so I immediately decided to only eat about a third of the portion which was more than enough) and some white chicken breast in the pasta. I also had a large salad with oil and vinegar dressing mmm it was delish! So I was quite proud of the fact that I did not eat tons of bread at dinner, did not order anything deep fried, and did not eat my whole dinner! Aside from the annoyance of having to drive all the way across the city to one restaurant then seeing the wait time was too long then going to another restaurant with the same wait time to then proceeding to drive across the city again to another wait time...well it was a good night once we sat down to dinner anyways. There may have been a few lovers quarrels in the car ha ha you know how men are with making decisions!!
Why is it my friends that when we have allowed ourselves to gain weight we feel like we have let ourselves go? And we really do let ourselves go!!! I looked at myself today and thought "so when we gain weight that means we just automatically stop plucking our eyebrows or brushing ouR hair?" or is that just me?? (I hope not!) It is though I feel like I am not worthy enough to look pretty even though I have some extra weight on me. Am i not worthy?? I am not sure why I feel this way, its quite silly but I guess it goes with the lack of self confidence and self esteem. If the main thing I see when I look in the mirror is a chubby face, double chin, and lots of rolls then who the heck is going to notice by bushy eyebrows??
Well i vow to be in the 180's soon (have not seen those in a LONG TIME) and when I reach 189 I will pluck my eyebrows, I am sure my boyfriend will thank me for that!
I hope everyone has a great weekend and remember...If we pluck our eyebrows it makes us lighter!!

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