Saturday, July 24, 2010

Midnight Chips

Ok well this is something I would love to hide from the world. But tonight at 11:30 I got in my car, drove to the store and bought chips.
I proceeded to eat the chips.
For about a minute I was mad at myself and then I thought. Maybe I needed this... because you know why? They really did not taste all that great. I did not really enjoy them.
Is being overweight worth the taste of these chips?
Maybe a mini bag every once in awhile...
But not how I have been eating them.
One of my goals this week was no chips, so yes I have failed
But I also have 10 other goals for this week
So if I meet 10 and fail 1, should I beat myself up? HELL NO!
Wake up call?


  1. first of all. THANKS for the award. I will do my best to get it and follow the rules, but I have very limited internet access right now so it may be difficult. :( I am so glad you tasted the nastiness of food you do not need. It took me so long to taste that bitterness. You are doing great. I hope you rock it this week. Thinking of you!

  2. My down fall is chips too! The only ones I let my self have are the bite size tortilla chips with a serving of guac. It satisfies my craving and is not too bad for you!

  3. You are not a failure, lets keep that understrood. Missing 1 target does not make a hunter a bad hunter. You have more ammo, load another round and go for the next target. AIm, concentrate and slowly (meaning don't let your mind let your control fade ) fire. Try it, see how good you feel, look.