Sunday, July 25, 2010

Progress This Week

Hello Friends
So I started my new regime this week! K and I had our first meeting on Thursday and I set my goals, 1 goal for each day and then 4 goals for the week therefore 11 goals for the whole week. I weighed in for the first time and weight in at 193. I am such a little kid that if I complete my goal K gives me a sticker and it gets me all excited!! Because I made a bright pink bristol board with all my goals by the days of the week so if I complete my goal for that day then K puts a sticker on the day, YAY.

So here are my goals for this week:
Thursday the 22: weigh in a set goals for the week COMPLETE
Friday the 23: Drink 3 of my stainless steel bottles of water (30 ounces each) COMPLETE
Saturday the 24: 5 servings of fruit/veggies COMPLETE
Sunday the 25: go for 5K walk COMPLETE
Monday the 26: Drink 4 of my stainless steel bottles of water (30 ounces each)
Tuesday the 27: do a wii workout
Wednesday the 28: try a new workout and eat 5 servings fruit/veggies

WEEKLY GOALS: 3 workouts, no chips (FAIL had them once), weigh between 190-191 on Thursday the 29th), and only have 1 serving of pizza (2 slices)

So I have completed my first 4 days YAY and 3 to go!!
I will definitely update with my weight loss on Thursday (hopefully a loss) and my goals for next week!
I did my 5K today and woo, it was hard for sure since I have no worked out or gone for a walk in forever so that is a long walk for sure. But I did it!!
Good day friends!


  1. I have a goal poster that I put stickers up on!!! I am weighing in now around so we are around the same boat. Love reading your blog!!

  2. Hi Lauren... hope your week and work towards your goals has been a good one. Take a pic of those stickers for us!

  3. Hi, just popping in to see how all is going for you; how has your August been?

  4. Come back, I miss you!!!