Friday, April 30, 2010

Picked Myself Off the Floor

Hey blog friends
Just first of all wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my rock bottom post, it really really meant a lot to me and helped more than you all know! So THANK YOU!!! I have been doing a lot better since then. The night after that happened K was working again at night so of course I wanted some sort of bad take out so instead I actually got dressed got in my car and went to the grocery store and bought some chicken breast white meat and ate that and felt much better about it. It was cheaper and better for me. I have been eating well throughout the day too taking lots of snacks to work so that I do not come home and pig out on bad food.

K and I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought lots of good stuff, I threw in one small bag of watermelon candies and thats it, so I think I will be doing better. I am really trying hard and know that I can go harder and I will. I am just kind of taking it easy after the other night as I kind of had an emotional breakdown and still feel a little fragile from it. But I will come out of it and next week I will go even harder and add some workouts into my good eating. I weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow and an hoping for a loss. Even one pound will make me happy!

I started my new job and have one more day of training tomorrow from 12-4 then I start working for real. I have done this for 11 years now so I am confident at the job but since I am starting at a different store then I have to train and start at the bottom of course. But I am there for 3 and a half months so I do not really care that much.

Anyways not much to report here just wanted to say thanks for the support and I will post my weigh in results tomorrow.

P.S Biggest Loser this week = me bawling my eyes out


  1. Hey girly just found your blog! Looks like we are at a similar point in our weight loss journey. Ashley {pink team} from BL did my wedding make-up- crazy cool huh? I know you can do this! stop by my blog I do a Weigh In Wednesday where diff bloggers weigh in and support eachother!

  2. Lauren, Excellent news you opted for the chicken vs. some other less than healthy choice. Awesome! Fingers crossed for you for a good result at your weigh in.