Saturday, April 10, 2010

Decision Time, In Pictures!

I have made my decision, I am officially going to Queens University in the fall. Here are some beautiful pictures of where I will be living (just the campus) it is so gorgeous there! In one picture you will see a jail, it is the Kingston Prison for Women which I can throw a rock at from where I will be living, creepy...and the mens prison the Kingston Penitentiary where the worst criminals in Canada live can also be seen from my future window! I hope none of them escape!

This is the residence I will hopefully be living in.

Prison for Women! At first I thought it was the mens prison and I saw no wall or anything and I was like "HELL NO AM I LIVING HERE! THEY COULD LOOK RIGHT AT ME OUT THEIR WINDOW!" But then I found out the mens one was down the street and it looked like Shawshank, no one is getting out of there lol.


  1. Love the pictures sooo much.... Congrats on your choice...

  2. Wow, your campus looks awesome except for the prison part, although it cracks me up that you thought of Shawshank. Would be creepy if some dude ended up in your room somehow from digging himself out.

  3. Congrats on chosing. I know it wasn't easy. But hey that place looks beautiful! I don't think the prison being so close is a bad thing. You might just get some nice stories about it.

  4. Hey there! I was thinking of you today so I thought I would check in to see how things are going?!?! If you want to chat email me at


  5. I love Kingston and try to visit as often as I can. It's a beauiful, historic city.

  6. I LOVE Queen's and Kingston! Both are wonderful places, and great for running! Plus the new Athletics and Recreation Centre is amazing; hands down the best gym I've ever had the joy of working out in! Congrats! :)