Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Happy April Fools everyone,
Did anyone play any jokes today? Normally I always do but I did not this year, I am losing my pranking touch I guess, well needless to say my mind has been elsewhere! SO....I GOT INTO TEACHERS COLLEGE IN ONTARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge, I do not know how many of my followers are from Ontario but it is extremely hard to get in here, my sister who had a 88% university average did not get in as well as many other people I know who had to end up paying 25 000$ to go in the US. So I was shocked that I got in. I applied to 3 schools, and I got into 2 and then got on the wait list for the 3rd. Now here is where it becomes hard. The one that I got on the wait list is the city I am in right now, which means I will for sure be moving at least 5 hours from here. This is because I have to make a decision on where I will go by April 10th which is SO SOON. So if I were to only accept the wait list offer at the school in my city I would be taking a huge risk of not even getting in. So my choice is between Queens University which has been coined "Ontario's Harvard" just has some prestige to it I guess or the University of Ottawa which is our nations capital. So they are both great schools and I have a huge decision to make, and it is hard because I have been to neither city so I have to make a blind decision. The one thing is, is that I always regretted not going to Queens for my undergrad, it is so hard to get in there and I did yet I did not go for stupid reasons I went to the university in my hometown. So how often do we get to fulfill a regret? Not often. So I will keep everyone updated as to where I choose!

I was telling K I hope that me getting into school was not a crazy April Fools joke, I would cry! But when I found out I got in no one was here so I just started crying, nothing has gone my way in soooo long I was just wanting to give up on everything especially myself and my future. I called my parents and they were screaming and whistling and so happy for me so that made me feel good. I will have to take on more debt but it will be worth it in the end! The one thing is that K and I have not been apart at all since we started dating and now we will be 5 or 7 hours apart and will not see each other very often, probably only at holidays, and I am very close with my one cat too :( So it has not hit me that I will not see them everyday, but when it does I know I will be sad. But it will be a brand new experience in a new city with new people, so we will see :S

In other news, I GOT A JOB TODAY TOO!! I swear April Fools Day must be good luck for me! It is just a grocery store job but I do not care it is only for 4 months until I move and it will pay my bills!! So needless to say good things have been happening :)

In weight news, well I ate horrible yesterday and today (UGH) normally I would just say I screwed up and throw in the towel but tomorrow is a new day and I will lose what I gained back and keep on losing. I want to be in the 170s by my 25th birthday in May so I have a lot of work to do. The first Ugly Cupcake Society challenge starts tomorrow and I am so happy for that because it will keep me motivated. This weekend will be hard because it is K's birthday and we are going out for pizza and wings but it is something we have maybe once every few months so I will just accept it and move on. I have NOT been working out this week at all, I am losing motivation I hope all this good news helps me get back into it because I do not want to be this way anymore especially when starting on a new adventure in September I want to be my best self!!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend and a great Easter, and good luck to all you ugly cupcakes out there, let's really kick some butt this week :)


  1. Hiya.. Im from Canada but live in Georgia.. Queens is a fantastic school.

    You will totally love it. So pretty and the teachers are great.

    Kingston is a tad dinky of a area but they do have a small Airport.

    I miss Ontario very much and im sure you would be happy there.

    But I must warn you the winters are a pain in the arse.. So bring a parka.. LOL

  2. hey girl
    I live in Ontario right now but I live in western Ontario so I have never been to Kingston or anything so I am nervous to pick a school. I heard it is great there though. I guess it is not as big as Ottawa but I like the small town feel. So yes I am very used to the winters UGH!

  3. These are huge news! CONGRATS!!! You got some tough decisions to make but hell you have a job now :) Best of luck sweetie. Whatever you choose it'll be amazing!

  4. Wow- April Fool's was good to you! Yay!

  5. thanks girls, yes a huge decision ahead of me but I am hoping for great things to come. Now I just have to work on my weight loss, definitely gained 2 pounds back UGH