Friday, April 23, 2010

Weigh in #1

Hello friends
Well as I have told you I recently started doing Weight Watchers at home but just on my own no meetings or weekly weigh ins but I have been using a spreadsheet to figure out points and such and have been keeping in contact with a fellow blogger as we try and lose weight. Today was my first official weigh in and here are the results:

Starting weight on Friday April 16: 194
Todays weight Friday April 23: 191.2
Difference: -2.8

I am pretty happy about this! I can taste the 180s, I was there before but I let life get in the way and I did not deal with my problems in a healthy way and just ate them away. I lost the weight this week by eating all my 26 points but with all healthy foods and having 3 servings of dairy, 8 of water and 6 of fruits/veggies everyday. I did not eat any of my activity points or my extra 35 for the week. But I vow to next week be in the 180's and never look back! Two things I plan on doing to enhance my weight loss are buy the Slim in 6 weight loss program and also sign up for weight watchers as in going to the meetings and maybe look into buying some new running shoes. I have wanted to do all 3 of these for awhile but I did not want to use my credit line to buy them. But I am starting to feel like they are all very good reasons to spend money. What do you guys think? I am still working hard to be 184 by May 15th which is my 25th birthday. This birthday is kind of hitting me hard, did anyone else find that 25 was a hard one?? If not what birthday was the hardest for you and why??


  1. For my 25th birthday I had a memorial to my youth, invited all my friends over for mimosas and girlie movies. Yes, it was hard, but not impossible. Good luck to you on the 184 by the 15th, I'm sure you can make it happen.

  2. You can so do it! 2.8 pounds is awesome! My hardest birthday will me my next one - 27. So close to 30! :( But I will look HOT and be healthy.


  3. Excuse me for being a little jealous! But I am!
    And also happy for you. 2.8 lbs is amazing and you're gonna do feaking awesome!