Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yes, I Have Been Hiding

Hello friends,
No I am not dead, but I have been hiding from the world and from all my bloggie buddies. Why? Because I have been doing horribly in my weight loss journey. I feel ashamed and crappy about myself UGH. However I am doing something about it. My friend Allison over at has really been a great help to me and is really encouraging me to get back on track. I have set a new goal of losing 10 pounds by my 25th birthday which is on May 15th. So I am hoping for 184 by then. I have been doing so poorly lately, too many life things getting in the way. K got his eye surgery and so I have been looking after him being what he calls "the drop nazi" because he needs about 50 drops a day and I put them in for him. So I really have not been concentrating on working out or eating well. But I WILL accomplish my goal, I WILL! But it is very exciting that now K can see, although he is walking around inside in the dark with his sunglasses on, I think he might be milking it for all it is worth, but is that not what men do?

I also somehow got a bladder infection (sorry for the TMI) but you girls know what I mean, these are horribly uncomfortable and it is hard to try exercising and such when you feel like you have to pee every 5 seconds even though you do not UGH, hate them.

I do not really have much to say even though I have been away for awhile just because I really have not been doing anything. I really do want to be 184 by my birthday and I will, thanks everyone for encouraging me and feel free to send any advice or encouragement my way :)


  1. Aww, you don't have to stay away when you are feeling rotten. It is when you feel least motivated that you should come and blog about it. Vent your emotions and frustrations and get it all out. In addition to getting some of the emotional stuff out, you are also doing something other than eating (which I always find a plus for me...LOL) AND you will get support and motivation from those following you. So thats 3 pluses!! Oh and you can totally do the 184 by your birthday. You have a whole month!! Abso-frickin-toot-a-lootley!! I look forward to seeing you post more often. :) - Your UGLY CUPCAKE SISTER

  2. I'm so glad you're back! I don't think you should stay away either, especially when you're feeling rotten because that's when the blog helps the most! Plus we all miss you, and I know that blogging more will keep you more on track! You can totally do this, and yesterday doesn't matter anymore, it only matters what you do today!! So glad to see you back girl!!

  3. You can so do it! We all have our rough spots, but I think having a goal that is attainable, and a deadline that is right around the corner will motivate you!

  4. We can do this lady! 10 pounds down by your birthday!! :) Glad you are back to blogging!


  5. Aww Lauren. I am so glad you are getting back into the blogging thing and that you are finding it helpful and meeting awesome people to encourage you on your journey. I know you can definitely get down to 184 by your birthday! You already tasted the 180's once and I know you can do it again!

  6. Me too. My inability to get into the whole fitness thing is why I hide out more than any other reason. I wish you the very best.