Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet The Enemy

This my friends, is the enemy. I have been feeling so bad about myself lately that I have just been stuffing my face with Doritos and laying around. Isn't it silly that we get into these cycles that we feel bad about ourselves for being overweight so we eat more and just gain more weight? Something is twisted about that, and I need to find a way to change this. I want to start running but I never have. I am in such bad shape that I feel like I would run for 5 seconds and be out of breath. Does anyone have any running tips for me? I am a total newbie and I have no clue what to do. I just always feel like I cannot do something, I have had this mentality for so long with everything I do. I am surprised I am actually going to teachers college part of me thinks I will not be good at it, I just quit things or do not start them because I feel like I will fail. Ugh I do not know, but I want to try this time! I want to face my fear of failure. So tomorrow I run (well probably walk), but any running advice or tips would be great! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. i think we all get like that sometimes but the important thing to remember is today is a new day!! & the best part about never having run before is that you automatically set a Personal Best the first time you go! If you are running outside I would recommend walking/running - run in between light posts/mailboxes - or if you can go to a track I would run the straight part and walk the curve part. If you are on a treadmill, just give yourself small goals to start with - like, walk for 5 minutes to warm up, then try to run 30 seconds, walk 60 seconds, and alternate!

    the best way to improve your mood & feel better about yourself is get out there and get moving!!

  2. The way I started running was to start walking! I walked and walked and walked, and then I started running in little spurts for 2 to 3 minutes at a time. I eventually added more and more running and as I lost weight and got in better shape it became easier for me. I always say to start small or you will get burnt out and over do it. YOU CAN DO THIS LAUREN!!!

    PS - go throw the chips out! :)

  3. I've got four words for you "Couch To 5 K". I felt the same about running, but just got back from 3.14 miles (that is a 5K btw). You can TOTALLY do this. You don't have to go fast or look good, you just need to keep yourself moving (walking or jogging).

    Your mind is the enemy, not the just need to want need to know you are WORTH doing this...getting healthy. You are a beautiful worthy of getting better.

    Go Lauren Go!

  4. GIRL!! PUT THE DORITOS DOWN!!! You can totally DO THIS and you're only sabotaging yourself!!

    I know I've totally been where you are right now. You have more control over yourself than you think you do! Take a deep breath ...walk away from the kitchen...and keep walking (or running) until you're so far away from food that you can be objective.

    You CAN do anything you want!! The only reason you're failing is because of YOU!

  5. OMG. Cool Ranch Doritos are my arch nemesis. I LOVE them.

    I fail at running so I'm no help there! :)

  6. thanks everyone, I have put the Doritos down and I am starting a running program today, thanks for all the encouragement.
    Kyle, thanks for the couch to 5K advice I am starting it today :)
    Glam, Oh I know why are they so good? Maybe just a mini bag every once in awhile but once you get the taste its hard to stop eh?
    Phat Nanny, You are SO right the only thing stopping me is ME and I am going to take control!
    Allison, I stepped away from the Doritos and pledge not to buy more!