Monday, March 22, 2010

3 Pounds Gone!!

Well 3 pounds does not really sound like a lot but to me, it certainly is. Since I started actually trying to lose weight and committing only a few days ago I have officially lost 3 pounds. It feels really good, even though I am still in the 190s and clearly overweight I feel happy that I have lost 3 pounds :). My goal for the end of March is to be in the 180's! So I shall keep working hard to accomplish that mini goal, K also told me that when I reach 185 he will pay for me to go do some tanning or get my hair did lol, so come on 185!!

I have not eaten anything bad for me which is a triumph all on its own, no chips which is a huge success for me. I have started to eat crackers anytime I feel like I need something crunchy, so instead of eating a whole big bag of chips I will eat 10 crackers or so. Yesterday I was so mad I wanted to go for a nice long walk since the weather was nice and I did not feel like working out in the house. So I got dressed, got my iPod and sunglasses, put my shoes on and then realized that my keys were in K's car!! So I could not go, one of the downsides of living in an apartment is if you do not have your keys you cannot leave because then you cannot get back in the building UGH. So then I did not want to skip exercising so I did one of my Wii workouts. This time I did the Jenny McCarthy one called "Your Shape" does anyone else have this one? Well it is definitely not my favourite. It comes with a webcam that you have to use so you are staring at yourself the entire time, which I obviously did not like as I hate how I look in shorts and a tank top. However it definitely makes you want to keep working out so that you do not look like that anymore! So it is a double edged sword and I was sweating up a huge storm after!!

The other night K and I went grocery shopping and I made him walk up and down every isle, now this does not sound like a lot but it is a really big store. So we went up and down every one other than the chip isle because I cannot go down there without buying some! So every little bit helps, and since I went on all the errands the other day I got my promised Betty and Veronica comic lol, I have not ready it yet but I will soon.

In other news we are not moving out, the landlord was not having it AT ALL. (UGH)
My job interview has been moved to Wednesday, seriously I am getting nervous that she just does not want to meet with me so she keeps putting it off, I hope that is not the case.

Have a good Monday all!


  1. Great loss and good luck for 185!

  2. Congrats on the loss, that's an amazing number!!! I am the same way in groceries stores. I walk down every isle so I can check out anything that might possibly taste good but still be healthy! K sounds really supportive and sweet, it's awesome you have him as a support system.

    And if she didn't want to meet with you, she would definitely cancel the interview and not keep moving it back. May I ask what the job is?

  3. Thanks guy!

    yeah I was pretty happy about 3 pounds for sure:) Oh I know I have to go down every single aisle it just has to be done so I do not miss any new things! Yes K is very very supportive and a gret guy I am glad to have him or I would certainly binge eat all the time like I used to.

    Yeah that is what I am hoping for too she has apologized for cancelling so many times so I am hoping if I give a good interview I should hopefully get it after all this. Sure its called "Registration and Customer Service Administrator" at the YMCA for their summer camps, which is perfect because I may be moving for school in September so the job would end just in time!

  4. 3 pounds!!!! WOOHOO!!! I am so happy for you and that is a great loss! I am so jealous ;)

  5. thanks ladies!!
    although i just ate my first chocolate bar in like 6 months so i probably just gained it all back!

  6. Congrats on the loss! you are sooo pretty!

    - Lisa

  7. thanks lisa!! thats such a nice comment! I do not feel pretty that is for sure but I appreciate that so much it definitely put a smile on my face!

  8. yay for 3lbs less. Good luck with your interview! Practice your questions!!!


  9. Lauren, I saw that you were a new follower of my blog last week so I came by to say hi. 3lbs is a wonderful success!!! Just keep doing what you're doing and you will reach your goal, I just know it! Remember...slow & steady wins the race. If you eat bad one day, don't beat yourself up over it, just start fresh the next day.
    Looking forward to following you on your journey : )

  10. congrats on the weight loss! i gained 2lbs last week, so i'm hoping for some kind of loss this week. still trying to get motivated to get back in a workout routine. how do you stay motivated to workout??

  11. Congrats on the loss - that's awesome! Good luck with the interview tomorrow! Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge. :)

  12. Hey ladies, yes it is so hard not to beat yourself up over eating something bad. I ate a chocolate bar and felt so guilty but then I decided it was not a big deal.Heather, Motivation is definitely my biggest problem. I just make myself do it, look in the mirror see how I do not like what I see weight wise and say well if I do not work out I will always look like this. I also find having someone you can talk to about it keeps you motivated. Thats why I think the blogging world is great. I love the comments people leave me and I will leave some in return to help motivate!!