Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Did Not Binge!

Hello Peeps (it is almost Easter, get it...Peeps? lol)
So I hope everyone had a good Sunday and Monday. After I wrote my blog asking people to stop me from eating chips I finally left the apartment. I was trying to talk myself out of it because I knew if I left the house my car would take me right to a convenience store for some chips. So I finally decided to brave the outdoors, if there are any other secret eaters out there you know how hard this is! So I went to Giant Tiger for some computer paper, then went for a tan, then to Subway for dinner. I went to one I had never been to before and it was in a sketchy area, it looked like a drug deal was going on out in front and it was shady, I was scared yet hungry so I went in anyways and it was fine, just happy my car was still there when I came out. Now here is where it became difficult, on either side of the Subway there was a convenience store!! I just stood in the parking lot and stared at them thinking how much I wanted to go in, and just get a little bag, but you know what? I resisted!!

I came home and started immediately cross stitching to take my mind off of wanting chips because I was still considering going to the store. So I stitched for hours upon hours, made a bag of 100 calorie Smart Pop, watched some America's Next Top Model and called it a day! Binge resistance complete, I think this is the first time in my whole life that when I was alone I did not just eat every bad thing I could find so one small step for fat people everywhere but one giant leap for me :)

So yesterday I had my interviews. They both went well, I have a second one at Old Navy on Thursday unfortunately it is for the position I did not really want but hey I need a job right? I am pretty sure I will get both jobs so I do not know if that will work, ofcourse I want to work full time hours but starting 2 at once might not work because there will be so many training hours and they will probably conflict with each other. So I will take the first one offered to me and then do my best about the second one of I get it! Today K and I are running about 8 errands so we will be gone all day, then we are going for dinner (somewhere healthy, no Pizza Hut lol) and then we are going to see 2 movies, it is cheap night. I have never seen 2 movies in one night, I think it will be fun. We are going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D and Hot Tub Time Machine, it looks funny. I am excited. We got in a fight last night so I am glad we are still going, we usually work it out pretty quickly.

Tomorrow at midnight is when I find out about teachers college, I hope at least someone is around so I can celebrate/cry to them about getting in or not!! I am nervous!!!

Happy Tuesday do not forget to watch Biggest Loser tonight, even though I cannot but I will watch it on demand:)

Go Daris (LOVE HIM)


  1. Looks like you are in control after all!! Just reading your day I could imagine myself going in for the chips, but you didn't!!! Sometimes it's all about "one day at a time" or even that single minute!
    Two movies is one of my favorite challanges :) I'm a movie freak and especially on film festivals I specifically go for back to back movies. ♥
    Hope you get the job you want. I'm currently looking for a job myself and oh this process is so annoying. All the waiting... I really hope and believe you'll get it. Good luck!

  2. You are making awesome decisions1 I am finally getting back on track today. Those few days off hit me hard! thanks for all your sweet comments, and I am so proud of you for not eating the chips! Rock on Lauren D. I am a big Bravo and TLC watcher. Though it is hard to admit at times. :) ha ha I am trying right now to come up with a plan for myself as I head of to New England for Easter. I will need some major accountability then!

  3. Way to go! It's awesome that you were able to resist the urge. ;)

    Congrats on the interviews and good luck with teachers college!