Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ugly Cupcake Society

Well people I am posting to tell you all that I am a proud member of the Ugly Cupcake Society, what is this you ask? Well the awesome woman who is over at posted a beautiful post about being an ugly cupcake so check that out for sure. It is based on that cupcakes are what society deems as perfect looking, perfect hair, body, tan, clothes (the superficial things in life) and the muffins are the ones who may not fit this mould, but are proud of it! I am proud that I am curvy and that my hair does not get brushed sometimes and that I am not fake looking! It is all about being a real person, I think personality trumps looks anyday and I will never spend hours on my appearance when I can just wear a smile and know that I am happy with who I am on the inside.

Who would not want to be a muffin? If YOU are a muffin check out the above link or click on my image on the left side of the blog with the cupcake to go to the challenge and society website. I hope that all my girls (and guy) out there trying to lose weight will become members, I nominate all of you!

Top of the muffin to ya!


  1. Ha Im totally signing up I read the post on fat chick's blog and thought it was great.

    About the Easter basket: I'm 26 and I still get a basket and I dont plan on giving it up anytime soon :)

  2. I know dont you love the ugly cupcake society?? So true:)

    I know eh? I am almost 25 and my sister is 30 and this is the first year we are not getting them lol although I do not live with my parents so I could always buy my own! mmmm

  3. Mmmmm...Easter baskets full of yummy jelly beans - my all time fave! (And I'm 40-something!)

  4. LOL this is awesome. Making me hungry but still :) I do think cupcakes are the perfect examples of "those people" I don't know who originally came up with it but can't think of a better example. GO UGLY CUPCAKES!!