Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marijuana Grow Op NEXT DOOR!

Yes you are reading this title right people on my floor have been running a marijuana grow op...awesome! Note my sarcasm, this is ridiculous! They live right across the hall from the landlords suspicious? I think not. My boyfriend and I have witnessed a lot of suspicious and odd behaviour over the past months we have been in this building but the last thing we thought was that there was some drug ring going on! So the other day I was going down to get the mail and a police officer got in the elevator with me and off on my floor looking around very suspicioulsy. So then later my boyfriend and I were leaving to go out to dinner and an RCMP officer got on and was going to another floor so we knew something was up. Later that night we could hear a lot of commotion going on in the hallway and it smelled so strongly of drugs both of us got a little sick. We did not want to go in the hallway in case something scary was going on so we stayed in the apartment and looked out the window. Below there were about 8 or 9 RCMP officers wearing bullet proof vests and guns loading up tons of piping and ventillation and drug paraphernillia into the bag of 3 huge trucks...scary.

I have not really felt safe here for awhile since there was an extremely violent fight in the hallway right outside my door where tons of glass was smashed and there were liquor bottles on the ground, we have been approached by people who were obviously waiting for drugs, there are tons of people going in and out of that apartment at all hours and many other fights. So now I do not know what to do, I do not really want to stay here even though the op was found does not mean the people were. There were signs saying that there was an annual inspection going on in the building so who knows if they were dumb enough to stick around I just think even if a few of them got caught like the ones on the lease, they could have made keys for their drug friends because there were always different people coming in and out, I just do not want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...

Also it is a big unnerving knowing that they lived so close to the landlords it shows that they do not really care who comes in and out and I do not like that either, but we are in a year lease and it is only half up and we are not sure if breaking a lease for these reasons like personal safety reasons would be possible. Does anyone know anything about this type of thing? My dad has a lawyer that is willing to write a letter and such to the landlords but we are not sure what to do because we cannot afford to pay a penalty to leave UGH I really do not know what to do...

On lighter news my cat loves me too much. He needs an intervention. He always has to be attached to me at all times, although I secretly love it, it can be annoying at times such as right now. I am sitting on my bed writing this and have music blaring and I can still hear him snoring lol, he is like an 80 year old man! He is not even 2 years old yet and sometimes I think he is like 15, haha oh Frank!

Is anyone else out there absolutely addicted to horrible TV? Well I am! I will watch anything on MTV just horrible shows like Jersey Shore or the Real World well basically anything on MTV...terrible haha I have to watch them in private or the Real addicting and so terrible...yet delicious lol Just wondering if anyone else out there really loves this horrible TV as much as I do!


  1. I would contact the local city hall or your municipal office. Some municipalities require occupancy permits and they may be able to assist. If not, there still is likely a community development type department that might help you understand your rights. Ironically, I own a rental property and am not entirely sure what a tenant's right would be in your situation.

  2. OMG!! Get out of there fast!! We have some pretty bad neightbors where I have called the cops many times. We hope to be moving this summer!!