Friday, March 26, 2010

First 5 Pounds GONE!

Hello friends,
Happy Friday! Unfortunately I am still not working nor have any friends here so Friday is really just any other day for me, but I know lots of you guys must love Fridays since it means the weekend!! Our life is kind of the opposite, K works all weekend and is usually off during the week, so I am alone on weekends with my kitties ofcourse. My sister is coming tonight though so I am definitely looking forward to that since she has never been to visit me yet in my new city. We have been here for 5 months and she has not been here or seen our apartment yet so I am looking forward to it, we will go to dinner and rent a movie I think. Tomorrow she wants to go to the mall to go to Lu Lu Lemon which is her favourite store, I clearly have no money so I will tag along and wish I did have some.

I have not heard from the job yet, I am so nervous seriously this is my only job opportunity so far. The only thing I am worried about is that it goes right until Labour Day and I am going away for a week in August. K said I would be stupid to turn it down because of that so I should take it and then tell them about it later and hope it works out. I mean if I cannot use them for a reference oh well, I am only there for a few months if I even get the job since it is just for the summer. I just want a job ahhh is this so much to ask? I just need a job for 5 months!! Then it is time for school. I find out April 1st if I got into teachers college, I hate not knowing where I will be in September I could be potentially moving 8 hours away so I just need to know! Good thing April 1st is coming up soon! I do not love this city I would love to move back to where I am from and where my friends and family are but I will either be here for another year and a half or be in a brand new city, so I will not be moving home for a long time :(

As for weight loss, I lost my first 5 pounds! Sounds like nothing but this is the most I have ever lost. I have always tried for a few days maybe lost a pound, then gain it back then lose it again. But this time I have really done it. One full week of tracking my food and counting my Weight Watchers points and working out and I have lost my first 5 pounds. I am exactly 190 pounds right now, so close to being in the 180's which I have not seen in a LONG TIME. I am glad that every day I am down in weight even if it is just .2 or so, I will take it. I am very proud of myself and cannot wait to keep it up. Next week I pledge to work out more and drink more water! Last night since I had been doing so well I decided to eat a half of a mini bag of chips, as soon as I was done eating them I felt horrible. I had terrible chest pains and my leg arms was so tingly and I could not feel my hand. I know that this was not because of the chips but I almost felt like it was a sign, that if I keep this up and I keep being 50 pounds overweight that a heart attack could be in my future and I do NOT want that. I pledge to lose more weight and be healthier and happier!

I finally watched The Biggest Loser for this week and it was amazing!! A definite tear jerker when they went home and everyone was so proud of them I cried for every single one of them and also when every one of them finished their bike marathon. So emotional!! Such a good episode, I still really do not like Melissa of the red team who we saw again in this episode. I like her husband Lance but when he is around her there is like a different side of him that comes out. Has anyone else noticed that? I like the people who are there to purely lose weight and be happy and healthy and who cheer on other people even when they have been beaten by them in competitions and weigh ins. I was so happy the black team triumphed because the blue team is cocky! Although my love for Daris is growing at a rapid pace, I LOVE HIM!!!

Anyways happy Friday everyone and I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Woohoo! Time to celebrate ~ 5 pound loss is awesome!
    Enjoy the quiet time with the kitties. ;) & have a good weekend.

  2. Congrats on your 5 pound weight loss!!!

  3. 5 pounds is a great accomplishment! Congratulations!

  4. 5 POUNDS!!!! Are you kidding me! It's so amazing!! ♥BIG CONGRATS♥
    Oh the Biggest Loser... do we really have to cry every single episode :) I can't help myself. I'm glad I'm watching it alone cos I don't wanna scare people. And I hate that red team wife too. I wouldn't wanna mistake someone for her and try killing them. Why would she, especially after being on the Biggest Loser, force her husband to eat 17 cupcakes!! She is insane! I also think she is the kinda person who doesn't deserve to be on that show if you're so crazy over temptation challenges something is wrong right there. And on top of it it's her husband! I couldn't do that to anyone I care about. Dare you have it I really hate her :)
    Have fun with your sister!!

  5. THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!

    I too, hate the red team wife. I don't like to think of her because she makes me so angry. And the fact that she not only made her husband eat the cupcakes, but did it in front of their kids makes it even worse. She's just teaching them that winning is more important than being healthy, so they're going to end up overweight like she was. UGH!!!

    In happier news, I gave you an award today!!

  6. YAY for -5! thats great.

    I HATE MELISSA. She is a terrible person. I can't help but think about how much she didnt help Lance while he was at home... seriously. End Rant.

  7. Girl 5lbs is AWESOME!! You should be very proud of yourself, use those 5lbs as motivation for another 5, and then another, and another & so on...and before you know it, you'll meet your goals. Happy Weekend & good luck on the job search!

  8. So Wonderful!! 5 pounds is super great! Keep it up! You rock!

  9. Congrats on your 5lb weight loss, that's an awesoe acheivement! Keep up the great work - you can do it!!

  10. thanks for all the well wishes everyone! OH and I know I cannot stand Melissa from the red team, she is a biotch, she was not there for the right reasons and she is giving her kids the wrong messege! UGH I just cannot stand her!