Thursday, March 18, 2010

Job Interview...Part 2

So tomorrow is my interview it feels like forever even though it has only been one day since I screwed up the first one. So it is tomorrow at 10:30am, oh I am so nervous because this has been the one and only call I have received for a job interview since I moved here 5 months ago. So everyone keep your fingers crossed, I am sure a lot of people applied for the job but I am hoping that I get it.

I have lost 1.6 pounds in a week which I guess is good, but I want more, however the only way I will get more is if I get off my butt and start doing more. I have been so stressed out with my zero balance bank account and having to borrow money and thinking how I am going to pay all my bills that I just sit here and think and worry instead of getting up and taking this time to work on me. I am just constantly thinking about it all the time I feel like well if I get up and work out or do something then I am taking time away from looking for more jobs or doing something more about getting myself out of this debt. But I am starting to recognize this and maybe I should be taking this time for myself and to really get this going. I NEED TO. Motivation is hard to come by for me right now with how every other aspect of my life is going and I do not know anyone here so it really has to come from me which is hard.

In other news I still want out of this apartment, I think we are going to talk to the landlords soon we are nervous about that. There is a building we really want to move into and hope that we can get out of here and in there but we shall see! When K gets home we are going to discuss and figure everything out, and then go run some errands to WalMart and such, I love WalMart although I do not love going when I have zero money but K said that if I went with him on all his errands he would buy me a Betty and Veronica comic, ha ha yes I know I am 25 but I still love them!!

Hope everyone is having a great day and keep your fingers crossed :)


  1. Again, Good Luck on your interview tomorrow.

    Good Luck on your weightloss jounrey. And wtg on losing 1.6 lbs. Just think as it 1.6lbs left that you have to lose =)Lately, I've had to motivation either which I really need to kick that in the butt and start moving.

    Hope that you are able to get outta that apartment.

  2. Good luck with your interview! Try not to feel guilty taking time to work on yourself, it's necessary and you deserve it :)