Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Oprah "AHA" Moment

Well my friends I had my first Oprah "AHA" moment, for those of you who do not watch Oprah an "aha" moment is when something just hits you, I guess it is along the same lines as having an epiphany. Last night I could not sleep at all, I tried so hard but just could not sleep, apart from K snoring I was being kept up by something different, my brain! It just would not stop thinking, it was yelling at me and would not let me sleep no matter how hard I wanted to. Normally I can just shut off my mind and rationalize things by making many excuses. I am a master at this, I always came up with crazy rationalizations for dropping classes, spending money, not losing weight, eating a whole pizza. But this time I simply had no excuses I tried to tell my brain to shut up but it just would not let me sleep it would not allow it! So i laid there went into the spare room because K was snoring so loud and just laid there with Frank my cat and thought.

I thought that I really can give this weight loss thing a try, I was always skinny growing up and never ever had to worry about losing weight. I was one of those people who could eat fried chicken and Fritos everyday and not gain a pound. Now I hate people like that lol. My sister always told me that one day it would catch up to me and IT DID. So as the years have gone by I have just completely sat on my ass and not truly tried to lose it and now I have over 50 pounds to lose because I just kept eating my feelings and drowning my sorrows in pizza. So last night I committed to myself that I would truly 100% commit to losing this weight, I am going to try my hardest and do my best to do this. For the first time I am going to put everything I have into it, so today was Day 1 of the healthy lifestyle I promise to lead. So I guarantee some posts to come that I will be writing about chip withdrawal and not wanting to work out and wanting to binge on pizza. So my friends I plead with you when you see these posts yell at me!!

So after all these realizations I finally fell asleep for about an hour only to wake up to my cat puking on my bedroom carpet, what a way to start a new day!! So today i start tracking my food and working out, so here is what I did and ate.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, strawberry activia yogurt(mmm) and apple juice
Lunch: crackers, 2 bottles of water
Dinner: Subway sub, diet coke

I really did not eat a lot today but my small victory was that I did not eat anything bad for me, which believe me is a huge success for me. I also did 45 minutes of a sweaty workout on the Wii some Wii Fit and some Biggest Loser (which kicked my ass). Does anyone else get angry when their Wii Fit goes "OOOH you are overweight" I want to kick it, although I know it is telling me the truth. I have added a picture of my starting weight and BMI on the Wii fit, borderline obese, this will change my friends!

I have also added some pictures of my loves to brighten up my blog with the things I love the most:)

Happy weekend everyone!

Notice how my Mii is very ashamed of her BMI lol her eyes are shut, she does not want to look at it!

The quality is not good, but you get the point!


  1. lmao I love the pictures you posted and how your Mii is ashamed haha. Soon she will be smiling like a baffoon and you will be in awesome shape!

  2. Keep focused...time will fly and those 50lbs will be gone before you know pound at a time, though. Don't worry about the 50 pounds and next week, next month, or next year. It is just today that you need to focus on.

  3. The Wii pics are pretty funny! It is hard work, but it is doable. Good luck!

  4. Aha moments are the best. And now you can look back at this post when you're not feeling as inspired!

  5. I sooo want a wii even more now after reading your post! Must get a WII!

    :) great work on teh food tracking - that has been the best change that I have made.