Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well today I went to a spa and had a whole spa treatment! My boyfriend (who we will from now on call K) bought me this package for my birthday last year and it is almost my birthday again so I needed to use it. So I got a massage and it hurt SO bad, I guess the place is more about massage therapy then a nice relaxing massage so it definitely hurt! Also it is not everyday that I lay there with no clothes on around a stranger so there they were, stretch marks, fat rolls and cellulite all out there for the massage therapist to see, so that was a tad awkward but it just gave me more motivation to get my ass in gear. I also had my first manicure and pedicure which were very nice unfortunately its still winter and will not be able to wear sandals to show it off but I will still know how pretty my feet look inside my shoes!

I am getting so excited for Disney and it is not even until August but it is definitely some great motivation to really get the weight loss going (I will definitely keep updating on that progress, and thanks to you guys I am getting a lot of ideas on how to do that!) So definitely keep your comments and advice coming I love them!

Job interview tomorrow, I am so nervous because I just need a job so badly and this one seems like a really good one for me, it is all I can think about...cross your fingers people!

Biggest Loser is on tonight CANNOT WAIT. I really like Daris of the original orange team and also Ashley and her mom of the pink team. Who do you guys like?


  1. Good luck on the job interview! I heart Daris too. I also like Stephanie, think she was from purple team.

  2. thanks! oooh yes I have a well not so secret crush on daris lol. oooh yes I like her too she is really awesome always has such a good attitude!

  3. I like Stephanie!
    And OMG I couldn't believe how Cheryl looked! She doesn't look pregnant anymore!

    Love Biggest Loser!