Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Close to The 180's!

Hello friends,

Well the last few days I have been pretty busy which is nice compared to sitting around while K is at work with my kitties. Yesterday K and I went to visit his grandma and her boyfriend for the day. It was a nice visit and they are great people, they live in a seniors condominium and I love seniors I think they are so cute. I saw some of them line dancing, some playing cards and some playing shuffle board, I wanted to move in but apparently I did not make the age requirement ha ha. So as soon as we got there his grandma says "where do you guys want to go for lunch, fish and chips or Arbys?". I was thinking "oh no, nothing at either of those places is good for me", so since we only see them a few times a year I was not going to say that I could not eat at those places so we chose fish and chips since fish is a tad healthier. So I got 1 piece of haddock lightly breaded (although it definitely had some grease on it) and I only ate about 10 small french fries and a diet coke. So I felt bad about it yet not terrible, I did my best in the situation I was put in. So for dinner I had a chicken breast and half a bun and some water. So my dinner was a lot better and I did not feel so bad anymore.

We played some euchre and had a nice visit and it is K's birthday next week so they had birthday cake and I did not have any! So this morning I was down .2 I will take it!!

Today I finally had my job interview! I think it went pretty well, I will be finding out this week and then if I get the job it starts the 3rd week of April which means I would have to borrow money for rent one more time from my parents. But my dad told me the other day that right now we can call it even and that I do not owe him the 1000 h lent me which made me very happy! So if I only owe him 500, I can handle that. So lets hope I get this job. Then K and I went for breakfast and I only had eggs and toast instead of the usual (bacon, eggs, toast and potatoes), so cutting the bacon and home fries made me feel good. Then we ran some more errands and we had Subway for dinner, MMM, my new obsession. I never ate a sandwich until I was about 23 and I had the second one ever the other night (I know it is weird) but my mom just never made them for us! So needless to say I am obsessed with Subway now! MMMMMM

We are not leaving this apartment the landlord was not having it, so as soon as our lease is up we are out of here! Just hope my landlords give us screens in our windows because it is hot up here and we cannot open them since our cats will jump to their deaths! Does anyone watch Americas Next Top Model?? I just cannot get over how anyone over a size 2 or 4 is considered a "plus size model", wow what would I be???????? No wonder young girls have such skewed body images! I missed Biggest Loser last night so I cannot wait to watch it on demand soon! LOVE that show :) So I have lost 4.2 pounds this past week just by cutting out bad food and working out (YAY), although I did not get to work out yesterday or today but I will tomorrow and the next!! So I am so close to the 180s WOOT CANNOT WAIT!

Have a great Wednesday all!


  1. Crossing my fingers for you, hope you get the job. Not only am I a yogurt addict, I'm also an America's Next Top Model addict, kind of glad Ren is going for and I'm totally hoping Alexandra wins because she's a 'plus size' girl.

  2. Thanks girl, oh I know I loooooove yogurt, so good. I am excited to try this kind you recommend. Oh I could not be a bigger ANTM addict I have watched every season over and over again, I am in the middle of season 4 right now on youtube! Oh i know eh I hope another "plus size" girl aka size 8 which I would kill to be wins, although I like Raina too she has an awesome face and is not rail thin!

  3. So glad we found each other! Love your blog. I look forward to following you!! :)


  4. I am also unemployed and should know this week about a job I have been interviewing for!! I HOP I get it1 Wishing you luck as well. Keep us posted! :)

  5. allison,

    SO glad we found each other too, it is great to know that there are people out there who are dealing with the same things I am. good luck on the job, I hope you get it!!!

  6. Euchre...that brings back memories...haven't played it since college at Indiana University.

    Fingers crossed for your job.

    You've done great with the eating!

  7. Hi everyone,

    Check out my blog "Once a Model, Now a Waddle"

    It chronicles the journey of a model, who 100 pounds heavier, became a self-proclaimed waddler. Join on my journey to losing the weight.

  8. You are a gorgeous girl. Keep up the hard work! I love your blog.:)

  9. How nice it must be that you like old people LOL I live with my parents and grandma (a fine example of an old person) which is not easy for any of us. She had a tough life which resulted in her horriffic attitude, but yeah we all have to deal with it. By the way I think you did awesome with the food and losing over 4 lbs! You crazy woman can you lose some for me too =D Why doesn't it work that way how frustrating :p
    I really hope you get the job!! I'm currently looking for my very first job and oh the stress is killing me! At least I'm not paying for rent.
    Take care of your kitties ♥