Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healthy You Challenge

Hello all,

So I have just joined the Healthy You Challenge and I was just wondering if some of you out there could give me some advice or tips about this challenge. I am really new to the blogging world so I am not sure how to do certain things. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to add a second sidebar to my blog so that I could add my weight loss stats and also my badges that i gain through this challenge. Also if anyone out there has any tips for me on what I should post on here to achieve the best weight loss experience as I am new to this!

So thanks in advance I really appreciate it :)


  1. You can usually right-click (assuming a windows based computer) on the badge image and click "save image as..." or "save picture as..." and once you've got it on your computer you can add a Picture gadget where you upload it from your computer.

    Adding a second sidebar really depends on the template selections. There are many that offers, but I see on other people's site that use other templates.

    I found also that if you drag/drop one of your gadgets above/below the main blog window that you can also add content there.

    I hope this helps some...

  2. Lauren you can start immediatelt with one hour of sustained brisk walking every day. Include this with your new food plan and the results will be more than amazing. Much good luck, and I'll cheer you on!


  3. Good luck on the healthy you challenge. I, also, just joined today so we can begin together!