Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wow the economy really IS that bad!

So we have all heard people talking about how hard it is to get a job and how bad the economy is and I kept saying "Oh I can find a job I have a degree and lots of work experience" WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been unemployed for five months, the longest I have ever not been working since I turned 14 which was eleven years ago. So how did I get to this position? Well after graduation my boyfriend and I decided to go back to school me for a second degree and him for his masters well we hated it. Being at the same school for a 6th year just did not feel right and we decided to make a change. So he got a job about 2 hours away from my hometown and closer to his, so I thought why not try moving to a big city since I am from an extremely small town. I thought there would be tons of jobs considering how big the city is, well I was right that there are jobs but apparently did not think of how many people would be applying!! Going from a town of 1 thousand to a city of 400 000 well it is so much harder to get a job here than I ever imagined. I have applied to jobs in my field, malls, clothing stores, grocery stores, fast food, and restaurants and I have not even received ONE PHONE CALL for an interview sometimes I think my phone is broken but it is not!

So I am keeping my hopes up thinking this week will be the week that I get a job it has to happen eventually right? Well thats what I am going to keep telling myself! Unfortunately I have had to borrow some money from my parents which I HATE doing because I have always been independent and I receive lectures and have to listen to how much of a screw up I am but there is no where else to turn for help money wise right now. My boyfriend works so hard but he cannot pay for everything but he is great and buys all the food and such which is a great help. But I still need money for rent and bills and my debt payments from that awesome degree that got it will get me somewhere someday! I have applied to teachers college and also college for this September so I just need something to get me through until then so I hope something comes up soon. I have been accepted into college into the social work program and am waiting to find out about teachers college, I find out in about 2 weeks (fingers crossed)! So unfortunately again I will have to borrow money from family for Aprils expenses which I am really dreading, my mom thinks that just because there is a mall beside my apartment that I should have a job by now as if I can just walk in and they will say "Oh of course you are hired!" right on the spot! Since we are from a small town I never had trouble getting a job before and she does not get that things are not the same way here as they are there. She thinks I am not trying hard enough because if I was I would have a job but I know that is not true so that is all that matters! It will happen! I am hoping to hear from a job at the YMCA for a summer office job which I am really looking forward to, I wrote a follow up email to the lady and she really liked that so lets hope I get a call!!

I also found out that I am going to Disney world...or land? Whichever one is in Florida WOOT! I have never been so I am super excited! My boyfriends parents called the other night and said "So do you guys want to go to Disney?" of course we do! We are so tight on money and have not been able to do anything so this call came at the perfect time we cannot wait! His parents are awesome and instead of taking a trip just the 2 of them they are taking the kids on nice! So now I have to really get on that weight loss so I can rock a bikini in Florida :)

Cross your fingers I get a job soon!

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