Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Anticipation Is KILLING ME!!!

Good morning all,
So yes, the anticipation is killing me of where I will be in September. I have applied to teachers college in 3 different cities, one being the city I live in right now and the other two are about 9 and 7 hours away which would be a huge change. K and I have probably been apart a week total in the entire time we have been together, and since we both moved to this new city we really only have each other, so being apart for a year would be very hard, but ofcourse it would be worth it for me to have a career in the end of it. I also applied to college in this city in case I do not get into teachers college as it is extremely hard to get in to teachers college in Ontario so I needed a back up plan! I got into college so at least I know I will be going to school in the fall, but tonight I find out if I will be moving far away and going to teachers college, I want this day to go by as fast as possible yet ofcourse I woke up at 8:30am and now have to sit around all day and wait it out. So I plan on doing a lot of cross stitching, working out and reading just trying to make the day go by! K was supposed to work midnights tonight but now he only works until 6pm so at least he will be here when I find out if I got rejected or not. I guess I just want to know the most because I do not like not knowing where I will be in a few months, we are trying to plan for the future and currently cannot and there will be a lot to do if I am moving that far away!!

Yesterday K and I ran a million errands which actually was fun we always have fun even if we are just grocery shopping. I convinced him that we need a Costco membership (I LOVE COSTCO) and I think he discovered a love for it too! We went to dinner and then went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, I thought it was pretty good but I think the 3D glasses were giving K a headache, we were going to see another movie but decided to come home instead he was tired and had to get up early this morning. So I got to see the end of The Biggest Loser...I have one question...WHY IS THE RED BIATCH BACK????????????????????????????? What happened?? I cannot stand her, ofcourse she would be back UGH UGH UGH watch her win the whole show, I get nauseous just thinking about it. I love Stephanie, I think people got the wrong impression of her she never seemed like a game player to me! I think they were just threatened by her.

Today I am supposed to find out if I got the grocery store job, I really hope I did. If I did I do not think I will proceed with the Old Navy interviews because I do not think starting 2 jobs at the exact same time would work out with training and such, and Old Navy said they are not hiring seasonals I think I would feel guilty leading them on knowing I would quit in August. So there are some other part time jobs I think I will apply for. I really hope I get the grocery job though, I mean I do not want it as my career but I have done it for 11 years and I like it. So wish me luck!

As for weight loss, I have been doing well with my eating, I am stuck at 189 right now, I need to drink more water and eat more during the day. What I do eat is good but I need more and to eat more things that are less points (if anyone is doing Weight Watchers you will know what I am talking about). I cannot afford to do the meetings right now but I have all the books and the journal and points counter so I am doing it on my own. I am happy to be out of the 190s but I want to be into the mid 180s and then up and out of there! My 25th birthday is in 6 weeks and I so desperately want to be in the 170s by then, even if just 179! So lets hope I can do it!

I have recently taken up a project of trying to read the 100 best books of all time according to a Canadian poll. I have read so far To Kill a Mockingbird and The Da Vinci Code and am currently almost done Little Women, so I am choosing my next book soon. The Harry Potter books are on there, so maybe I will try to get into them next. I just do not think I will like them but everyone tells me I will. The Bible is on the list, which will take me a long time to read but I have always wanted to try reading it!

Well this is getting long, have a good Wednesday:)
PS I want Easter chocolate! My mom says we are too old for Easter baskets, but I requested one creme egg, I hope I get it!


  1. Good luck on the teacher college, I hope the best thing for you happens.
    Could not agree more on the BL, Melissa...really, surely they wise up and get here out ASAP! blech
    Good luck on the job too!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS I was so mad when she got back on. UGH, she's basically sending the message that money and winning are more important than being healthy and I cannot stand it! I also really liked Stephanie and I'm sad she's gone but I can't wait to see her at the finale. I was also surprised by how everyone treated her at the end, and I'm super confused because I read a couple articles about how she's dating Sam, yet Kole said he really disliked her, etc.

    Good luck on the job interviews, no matter the job it's always just nice to have something to do and money to spend!

  3. I didn't watch Biggest Loser yet!! Oh well.. something bad alwways happens and I guess it's that Red Demon this time. It's always the one I hate the most!
    Good luck with all the waiting... Long distance is tough. I had to go through it couple of times. First I was away cos of college. Second, cos he had to go do his military service (it's mandatoory here!) Both times were torture. But they just end. You don't believe it will while going through it but then the time passes and you're together again. ♥