Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Am Cursed

Why can nothing go the way I want? Seriously I feel like I am cursed, my family has never had good luck and we always joke about the "W Curse" as we like to call it, my mom says I should change my last name, and I certainly am thinking about it. Ever since I moved here nothing absolutely nothing has gone my way despite my efforts. So today I had my job interview...well I was supposed to. The lady told me that it was downtown on Dundas Street in the same building as the library, Ok I know where that is, so I went there and started looking, and looking and could not find it so 9:15 rolls around which is the time of my interview so I ask a lady where this office is. She tells me there is ANOTHER building with a library in it on the same road but that it is far away from the one I was in. UGH. I started to cry, the one and only job interview I have had and I am desperate for money and I missed it. So I came home and called the girl and thankfully I have an interview on Friday morning, but still now I have made a bad impression, and it is not guaranteed I even get the job which makes me nervous thinking that if I do not get this one, well I do not know what I will do. I have already borrowed money from my parents and will have to again which I do not want to, and they are not fond of it either. UGH I could cry again right now just thinking about it.

The Biggest Loser last night was really good, in case you have not watched it yet I will not say who got voted off, but I have not cried in awhile watching it but I did last night, I really like the grey team of Koli and Sam it was emotional that Koli finally got into the 200s and that he has now lost over 100 pounds. And might I add that Sam is ripped?? He has an amazing body for someone who is still overweight. (mm) I still love Daris too HEART!

Also I really want out of this building, but it does not look like that is going to happen. Don't really want to get much into that because I am pretty upset over it. But yeah just needed to vent about my unlucky life.


  1. biggest loser was an emotional one last night

  2. Hope things are going a little better now. Let us know how the interview goes!

  3. Sorry for your tough day...I wish there was something more comforting to tell you. As a hiring manager, though, I would take the blame on myself if I wasn't providing clear directions to the specific address especially if there was the slightest chance for confusion. In the end though, we want the best candidate and what happened to you shouldn't be the deal breaker in the process.

  4. thanks guys, and Kyle thanks that makes me feel a lot better because I really felt like it was not my fault and that I would be good for the job, so I am glad I get a second chance!! I just need a job so bad and right now this is my only prospect so I hope I get it.

  5. Just found your blog. Just wanted to say Good Luck on your Weight Loss Journey. I have too took the step to lose weight also.

    And I would have to agree with you, I bawled last night watching Biggest Loser. It was very good.

    Good luck on the job interview too.

    Feel free to follow me if you would like =)

  6. Cry it all out and get it behind you, Lauren. Then plunge ahead and get the job, or a different job. You are not defeated, it's just a lousy detour.


  7. hey guys thanks for the comments.
    I'm so glad other people out there are working on losing weight so that we can all share our experiences.
    and Secretia, so true i definitely cried it out and I am ready for my interview tomorrow!